Modifying Your Divorce Decrees

Nothing is permanent in life, and many times your agreement or judgment must be modified. Sometimes this happens almost as soon as the ink has dried, other times after several years when an individual may lose a job, get a new job, need to relocate or want to retire. Children get older and their needs change. The needs of a college bound child may be very different from the time your agreement was reached to the reality facing parents attempting to support that child. A remarriage/cohabitation may have a substantial and material change on one or more of the provisions of your original agreement or judgment.

Life Care Planning Law Group represents clients in modification matters involving:

We also represent clients in matters involving enforcement of orders and contempt.

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Child Support Modifications

When a parent's income changes significantly, either parent can seek to obtain a modification in child support. A child's changing health care or education needs may also warrant a modification. In a half-hour consultation, a lawyer at our firm can review your case and discuss how we can help you.

Child Custody and Visitation

These modifications, too, can be either routine or contentious, depending on the circumstances and attitude of the other parent. For example, as a teenager matures, he or she may want to live with the other parent. The court may or may not allow this type of custody modification. Life Care Planning Law Group can seek to negotiate a new arrangement with the other parent that the judge will accept or represent you assertively in court.

Life Care Planning Law Group stands ready to assist and represent you regarding all of your modification needs.

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