Legal Issues Regarding Relocating With A Child

Proposed child relocations are perhaps the most contentious of all family law issues. In most, if not all, cases, litigation will be necessary to achieve a resolution.

Life Care Planning Law Group is a family law firm with impressive skills in litigation involving proposed child relocations and other child custody disputes.

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When Can a Custodial Parent Relocate?

Massachusetts courts will allow a custodial parent to relocate with a child only after a careful examination of the facts. The parent wishing to move must satisfy several concerns. The move must:

  • Be for a legitimate purpose, (such as a better job opportunity not available in the area) and not just to deny the noncustodial parent time with the child
  • Be better for the child in real ways, (such as better education, access to needed health care, etc.)
  • Be in the "best interest" of the child

Whether the relocation is within the state, across the country, or in another country, Life Care Planning Law Group has experience litigating and negotiating these complicated and difficult child related issues.

Courts set high standards for these and other tests. They do not like parenting by webcam, e-mail or cell phone - instead preferring whenever possible to provide the noncustodial parent ample opportunity to enjoy a meaningful relationship with the child.

Experienced Salem Child Custody Relocation Attorneys

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group have represented parents in child custody matters for many years. This experience and their trial skills enable them to provide representation at a level comparable with large Boston law firms, but in the format of an accessible and responsive suburban firm. Life Care Planning Law Group will work tirelessly to achieve your desired legal goal, while protecting your rights and interests at every stage of the legal process.

Life Care Planning Law Group will thoroughly review these and other issues in your case. In some instances, it may be possible to negotiate a workable solution with the other parent. The vast majority of child relocation cases however, require litigation to resolve. Life Care Planning Law Group will work diligently to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

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