Creating A Health Care Proxy

At Life Care Planning Law Group we help protect our clients' legal rights when they are no longer able to care for themselves or make sound decisions. We are able to assist clients with creating a health care proxy for end-of-life decisions.

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Massachusetts Lawyer Assisting With Advanced Medical Directives

An advanced medical directive is a written document of instructions regarding your future medical care. An advanced directive takes effect when an individual is incapacitated. Incapacity refers to when an individual is unable to make mentally sound decisions.

Advanced medical directives can take the form of a living will or a health care proxy. A health care proxy is a legal instrument that allows for an individual to designate another person to make his or her health care decisions.

A health care proxy is essential because it dictates how you wish to carry out your medical care and treatment toward the end of your life. It is crucial that the person you designate as your health care agent is someone you trust to follow your written instructions. The health care agent is the person who will enforce your wishes expressed in the directive.

Protecting Vulnerable Children And Adults

At Life Care Planning Law Group, we will walk you through the steps of drafting a health care proxy and other types of medical directives. We have a deep concern for the well-being of the aging individuals, putting their needs first. We will take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights by writing the documents in a way that makes them legally enforceable.

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group have helped many people in eastern Massachusetts manage the affairs of vulnerable children and adults. We have helped our clients gain peace of mind. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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