Helping You Through Property Division In Divorce

Dividing property and debts is one of the most important tasks in the divorce process. The settlement you receive upon your divorce will form the foundation of your finances for many years to come.

Life Care Planning Law Group has experience in assisting our clients divide the marital estate. Property division can be difficult, ranging from inherited assets to those items acquired during the marriage. We have the skill, knowledge and expertise to handle your particular needs in dividing the property of your marriage.

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The Property Division Process

Massachusetts follows the equitable division model when it comes to dividing assets and debts in divorce. The applicable standard is that which constitutes a "fair" division. The resulting portions may or may not be equal in size.

In the property division process, marital property (acquired during the course of the marriage with the exception of inheritances and certain gifts) must be identified. Our attorneys have extensive experience tracing the origins of marital property, and we will take care to complete a comprehensive inventory of all property and debts that are truly marital. Life Care Planning Law Group will also place a value on marital property and work diligently to obtain a fair and equitable division of marital assets and debts. Often, our careful research methodologies put us in a position to negotiate a fair settlement. If necessary, we will undertake assertive litigation to protect our clients' rights and interests.

Complex Property Division Issues

Life Care Planning Law Group has considerable experience in divorce cases involving complex property issues, such as large marital estates, ownership of businesses, stock options and deferred compensation. We work as a team with accountants, business valuation specialists, tax professionals and our clients' accountants and business managers to identify key issues and obtain the information needed to produce a winning legal strategy.

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