Mediation: A Cost-Effective And Efficient Method

Mediation can be an efficient and cost-effective way of resolving marital disputes. At Life Care Planning Law Group, our lawyers often use mediation to achieve workable solutions to problems involving child custody, visitation, property division and other matters. Sharon Meyers is also a trained mediator and provides mediation services to clients throughout eastern Massachusetts.

For more information about using mediation to solve a legal problem in family law or another area of law, contact our firm.

Mediation Services

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group include a certified mediator and two certified conciliators. Attorney Meyers has been a member of the Essex County Conciliation Program since 1992 and Attorney Welch has been a conciliator since 2005. We have been appointed by the court to conciliate complicated family law disputes and have a high success rate. A mediation session can be conducted in one of our conveniently located offices in Salem & Newburyport, or at a location of your choosing.

Advising You During Mediation Sessions

Mediation has many benefits as a tool for resolving family law problems, especially compared with traditional litigation. The mediation process gives the parties greater control over the final result. It can produce solutions that take into account the future needs of parents and children. Mediation can also produce acceptable outcomes with less emotional rancor and lower legal costs than litigation.

An attorney at Life Care Planning Law Group can explain the mediation process in greater detail. If mediation is right for you, an attorney at our firm can act as your adviser during a mediation session, protecting your rights and guiding you to a workable solution that allows you to move forward in your life with confidence.

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