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At Life Care Planning Law Group, we provide a complete range of family law services to clients in nontraditional marriages and relationships. Our firm can address many family law matters affecting gay or lesbian couples, including:

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Gay Or Lesbian Adoptions

Massachusetts applies the same standards regarding child custody and visitation rights to gay or lesbian parents as it does to people in traditional marriages. Despite the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring all states to legalize same sex marriages, you should be aware, however, that many states may provide some resistance and delay in recognizing the parental rights of biological and nonbiological gay or lesbian parents. All states do, however, recognize parental rights when the child has been formally adopted by the nonbiological parent.

If you anticipate moving out of the state at some point, you may want to consider consulting with an attorney at Life Care Planning Law Group to ensure that you are current with this rapidly changing and exciting area of the law. Life Care Planning Law Group represents gay and lesbian parents in adopting non-biological children. We are excited with the new changes in the law and look forward to applying them to your situation

Divorce With Same-Sex Marriage And Dissolution Of Domestic Partnership Agreements

Many issues arise when nontraditional couples — including same-sex and unmarried couples — decide to separate or divorce.

Since 2004, Massachusetts began to recognize gay and lesbian marriage. Like their more traditional husband and wife counterparts, same-sex or unmarried couples share the same concerns of property division, parental rights, child custody and particular issues when there has been an adoption of a biological or non-biological child.

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group will work closely with you to develop a strategy designed to achieve your goals in a cost-effective manner.

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